Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Wonder Land!

Taylor is a Kid in a candy store when we have a snow storm he loves it. Well guess who is just like him... his little man. Brody loves to go out in the snow. His hands will freeze and he doesn't even care. He will look out the window and say "no no no" we try and get him to say sssssnowwa but its still just "no" for now.
 Taylor: Alright Brody we are going to have a snowball fight. What you do is pick up a pile of snow and roll it into a ball and then you throw it at me. Got It.
Brody: Ok dad!                               
 Brody: Dad you are to far and none of mine make it to you, and you keep hitting me this is no fun I think I will just watch.

 Brody: maybe one day I will be just like you, Oh wait I already am :)

Taylor: Good job bud, not bad for your first snowball fight. Let's go in and have mommy make us a hot cup of Chocolate.
Brody: Do you think we can come play in the "no" tomorrow and maybe sit in your Guck. I love your Guck.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

 Halloween is so much fun when you get to dress a face is cute as this one! Brody love loves animals, he knows all his animals sounds so I thought it would be fun to dress him up as a lion because whenever you ask him what a lion says he roars really loud.  Brody loved trick or treating, he wasn't sure what was going on at first but after a few doors he started getting the hang of things. He would hold out his bucket instead of us forcing him, sometimes he would hold it out a little to long and he ended up getting extra candy because people would just keep putting it in.  It was an amazingly warm night, Taylor didn't even wear a coat (I did), I thought Brody was going to get hot in his costume. I can't remember the last time we had such nice weather on Halloween.  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Catching up.

We have been doing lots of fun things this summer. I feel like this summer is so much more fun because Brody is older and enjoys getting out and seeing new things. Last summer I was cooped up trying to figure out how to take care of a newborn.

We went to the zoo and Brody loved all the animals. We bought a season pass because we figure no matter how many times we go Brody will love it every time. We can even go during the winter when they have all the Zoo lights up. So we are excited about that.

We have a little community pool we go to at least once a week.  Whenever Brody see's the water he always says "Wa" he sure does love being outside. It's funny because I never get a tan, Taylor is always the tan one, he goes outside for 5 seconds and gets a nice golden tan, but this year I'm somewhat keeping up with him I think he is pretty worried I might get darker than he does. I think Brody is beating us both he totally has tan lines up and down his arms because of the rolls on his arms. People always say what pretty skin he has.

There is a little man made lake up by our house  there is always, ducks, geese and swans. In the spring there is all kinds of babies up there. We like to go up there and feed them. They will literally come eat the bread right out of your hands, except I am to big of chicken to let them, its quite scary.

We just got back from Island Park, my family has a cabin up there we spend a few days up there every summer. We rent four wheelers, eat lots of good food, play games, watch movies, its such a fun place to be. Taylor took Brody on a four wheeler ride, it was kind of rainy and cold but Taylor took him anyway because he had never been on one before.  He was so excited to take Brody, When the ride was done Taylor came inside and Brody had a fit, he cried and cried and kept say "vroom vroom" while pointing to the door. Lets just say he loooved those four wheelers. Again just like his daddy! it was pretty cute.

We took some family pictures while we were up there. My sister Kim took the shots and I did a little editing and walahh! they turned out awesome. I was so excited to because I was about to pay a grundle in getting them done by some one else. love it when a plan comes together :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Brody is growing up so fast. He turned one on May 3, 2012.  He wasn't so sure about eating that cake but he loved destroying it. Ever since his birthday he has been obsessed with balloons. He would point to them every 5 seconds and say "booooon". He points at everything, random people, cars, he loves trucks just like his daddy, sometimes he will do a double point with both hands just to make sure you know what he is talking about.

He says a lot of words now, he says "da" for dog and "ba" ball, "cacker" cracker, "guck" truck, "nanna" banana and we have been trying to teach him animal sounds he says oof oof if you ask him what a dog says, and Taylor's favorite is if you ask him what a cow says he will say "moooooo" he also know's tiger he will growl. Most of the time he gets them mixed up and say's "moooooo" for every animal. We always say he is definetly Taylor son because his first animal sound was a cow, and he can pick out a truck from a mile away.

He used to do this funny face ALL the time, We would tell me to do it and every time he would. I am so glad I captured it on camera because he wont do it as much any more, he sure has made a lot of people laugh with this face. He has such a fun personality I wish I could freeze him right now so he wont grow anymore.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brody, Brody and More Brody

My little man is almost 7 months old. Time goes by so fast, He is getting so big and it makes me so sad, although it is fun to see him grow and change, he is getting smarter everyday.

Look who can sit up!

( Lil Broster)

Brody weighs 15.5lBs and is 26 inches long
He loves loves looking out the window and as you can see he is looking at something very interesting.


My sisters and I at Gardner Village.

We went to a Halloween Party at Melissa Elders house. There were some really cool costumes, yummy food, fun people we had a blast.

Over the Years Taylor and I have been poor sports around Halloween so I thought this year we would dress up. A quick trip to the D.I and a wig makes for a AWESOME costume.

Brody was a little Dalmation dog. It was a wee big but he still looks so cute.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


We are so sad to see the warm weather go away. Brody loved to be outside. His Stroller was his second home. I'm not sure what we are going to do now that it is getting so cold outside.

Every Morning I would take him on the swing right by our house. He loved watching all the workers build the town homes.

He loved his first time in the pool. He would freak out if we put him in the water past his shoulders.

Good bye Summer...